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The ability to test DNA easily and inexpensively has revolutionized genealogical research. It is possible to prove relationships that otherwise would have remained impossible to solve. Many researchers are finding lost cousins; some are getting results tackling illegitimacy questions. It pays to test several relatives, and compare their results with others.

Just starting? Do an autosomal test and check your close matches, looking for names from your family tree. Become familiar with the potential of genetic genealogy with simple steps before tackling the more distant matches. After you use autosomal results for a while, then you could try Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, which will help you determine your male-male-male and female-female-female lines.

Companies offering DNA tests

AncestryDNA has a massive database, which makes it possible to find other people who have matched your results in some way. That means they are related. Ancestry's results are limited to autosomal tests, but that is likely to be enough for many researchers. The results allow you to determine the strength of the relationship.

FamilyTreeDNA offers several types of tests, including ones designed to help a person trace the male-male-male line (YDNA) and the female-female-female line (mtDNA). FTDNA has comprehensive tools to allow for the comparison of your matches with other people who have tested.

The most recent addition to the field. MyHeritage built an extensive match collection thanks to uploads of the results from other companies, and has started offering its own tests. MyHeritage is notable for its European collections.

Living DNA
Based in England and offering more precise geographic information on our ancestry. One cheek swab include autosomal, YDNA and mtDNA tests. Data can be uploaded to other sites such as Gedmatch. The company promises more features will be available before long.

With more than one million people worldwide in the 23andMe database, it is possible to discover hundreds of matches, more data and more discoveries. The company's name is based on the number of chromosones: 23 pairs. The test also helps you to find out what percent of your DNA comes from populations around the world.

Not a testing company -- but this site enables users to compare results from a variety of companies, and offers more advanced tools for analysis of your test results. The basic site is free to use.

More information about DNA

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International Society of Genetic Genealogy
The mission of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy is to advocate for and educate about the use of genetics as a tool for genealogical research while promoting a supportive network for genetic genealogists.

What is genetic ancestry testing?
From the United States National Library of Medicine

Hiring a DNA testing company
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