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Canadian Parliamentary Divorces to 1946
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  • Index to the divorces

    Canadians in South Africa 1899 - 1902
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  • Honours and Pay
  • Canadian deaths

    Ontario Census Reports 1842-1901
  • Getting the most from the census reports
  • Questions asked: Ontario 1842 Ontario 1848 Ontario 1850 Ontario 1851 Ontario 1861
  • Questions asked: Canada 1871 Canada 1881 Canada 1891 Canada 1901
  • Finding aid for the 1901 Toronto census
  • Toronto street name changes
  • Enumerators Comments, 1851 Census, Kingston Township, Frontenac County, Ontario

    Ontario townships
  • Summary of counties or districts

    Convict Deaths at the Kingston Penitentiary, 1835-1915
  • Introduction to the deaths
  • Index sorted by first letter: A-D E-K L-Q R-Z

    The Facts, Just The Facts
  • An analysis of answers given to the enumerator in the 1901 census of Victoria

    1901 Electoral Regulations
  • Who could vote in the federal election

    List of Post Offices in Canada 1861
  • A handy guide for finding locations

    Centenarianism -- Claims of being 100 years old in Canada, 1878
  • Not everyone was telling the truth

    First Census of Quebec 1666
  • Transcript

    An Index to Some Prince Edward Island Cemeteries
  • More than 14,000 names

    Census of Selkirk, Scotland 1817
  • Transcript based on an old magazine

    A glossary of genealogical terms
    Words and phrases of genealogical interest including occupations, place-name abbreviations, medical terms, Latin words and phrases and words of several European languages.
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    Research at the University of Victoria
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  • English Records at the MacPherson Library

    Book reviews
  • Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities
  • In Search of Your Canadian Roots

  • CanGenealogy Canada Genealogy

    The old books on university bookshelves have much to offer family historians -- and Hugh Armstrong spent several years searching through them for information.

    Hugh Armstrong's
    Genealogy Site

    first appeared on the Internet in 1996, and its content grew rapidly over the next few years as Hugh extracted more and more material.

    Hugh retired the site in 2003, and moved on to other priorities in his life. Demand for the information has stayed strong, however, so it is back, with a few updates and additions.

    Hugh also compiled many databases drawn from records about British Columbia, including an index to the 1901 census for Victoria that includes newspaper and civil registration references. That work is on the BCGenWeb site.

    Special thanks to the Alberta Family Histories Society for giving Hugh's work a home in the past couple of years.

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